Get a Car Loan with Bad Credit

Posted on 17 November 2011 by Grace

The number of people in the Northwest with bad credit is at an all-time high. This is largely attributed to the turbulent economic climate and high unemployment rate. People living in Oregon, Washington, and across the country are finding it impossible to pay their bills and as a result have low credit scores.

A bad credit score makes securing an auto loan nearly impossible. Luckily, some local dealerships specialize in auto financing for people with bad credit. Ron Tonkin Chevrolet is one such dealer. Customers are able to secure financing through the Ron Tonkin Chevrolet Business Development Center and drive off the lot with a new or pre-owned vehicle the same day.

Business Development Center

Ron Tonkin Chevrolet’s Business Development Center is directed by Lorrie Krall. Lorrie has been a part of the Ron Tonkin Family of Dealerships for over three years under her direction the department boasts a 90% success rate of securing loans for customers. Though she started as a sales consultant, she was quickly drawn to the Business Development Center. Lorrie states, “I have the best customers. My customers come from a variety of backgrounds. Many have always been responsible with their credit until the unexpected happens, like a job loss or a medical issue, and they fall behind on their bills.” Regardless of the situation, Ron Tonkin Chevrolet’s primary goal is to help customers purchase a great vehicle within their budget.

The Process

  • Getting in Contact – Clients can contact the Business Development Center in a variety of different ways. Some are connected through various third party websites and others can simply visit the company website. Special loan customers are directed to a representative who can answer any of their questions.
  • Phone Consultation – After you reach out to Ron Tonkin Chevrolet, you will receive a phone call from a Business Development Center representative. The representative will ask you basic questions in order to complete a credit application over the phone and set up an appointment.
  • Appointment – When you come in for your appointment your loan has already been secured. A sales consultant will help you find your ideal car within your budget from any of the seventeen Tonkin dealerships. The sales consultant will work with you until you are confident in your choice.
  • Purchasing a vehicle – Because your loan is already secured, purchasing a car is easy. Once you have decided on a vehicle, a financial adviser will explain the payment structure and have you sign the necessary paperwork.
  • On Your Way – Your sales consultant will hand you your key and explain any additional information about the vehicle. You are now on your way with a quality affordable vehicle.

With Ron Tonkin Chevrolet your credit score is not an issue. We believe that everyone should be able to purchase a car regardless of their financial history, which is why we have been putting people behind the wheel of their dream cars for over fifty years.

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