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Ron Tonkin presents a TV sales event!

Posted on 14 July 2012 by Grace

Ron Tonkin presents a TV sales event! Tune-in the mornings of July 28 & 29 to channels 2,6 and 12 to see the huge selection of pre-owned cars. Learn how we help people get into the vehicle of their dreams, regardless of credit history,

all from the comfort of your home. We have as many as 50 different lenders ready to loan to you. During this event we will work to secure financing for people with:




Late Payments

Negative Equity

Low Credit Scores

Be one the first 75 people to call in during the television program and receive a voucher good for $500 toward your vehicle purchase. Trade-in your car and purchase a newer vehicle that better suits your needs while keeping your payments the same. Don’t disqualify yourself. Don’t sell yourself short. We can help!

Check your local listing July 28 & 29 and tune-in to learn about Ron Tonkin Chevrolet’s sales event.


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